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Jay Inslee pleading for a new plan. The were sent to the special commitment center after serving their time in prison, but O'Ban says the state thinks they're ready for a less-restrictive alternative. O'Ban is fighting the state's plan to place them in adult family homes in Lakewood. Adult family homes were never meant for that," said Don Anderson, mayor of Lakewood.

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KIRO-7 called that adult family home in Oakbrook for comment and was told it is being handled by their lawyers. Less Restrictive Alternatives are approved by the court. LRA residents wear ankle bracelets that are monitored by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and must follow a pre-determined treatment plan. Violations could result in their return to the Special Commitment Center. They were never meant for violent sex offenders. They were meant for people who need assistance," said Anderson.

O'Ban believes Lakewood has become a dumping ground for sex offenders. According to the sex offender registry the three offenders who could be released to adult family homes in Lakewood aren't from Pierce County and didn't offend there, they're from Mason County, Spokane County and Thurston County.

They want the sex offenders spread out throughout the state. The city of Lakewood is still pursing its lawsuit. Landlords can also have rules against pets or smoking inside the building. When considering your application, they must consider specific facts about you and your particular conviction history, like the severity of your crime and how long ago it occurred.

If you live in Seattle, you have even more protection: under a new law, landlords may not require that you talk about your criminal history at all, and may not reject your application for housing because of your adult criminal history unless they think there is a reason to believe you will be a danger to other tenants or to the property. Finding a safe and stable place to live is one of the most important elements of your transition from prison back into the community.

This chapter contains information on how to plan for your housing search before you are released, find affordable housing, and deal with your criminal history when you are applying for apartment rentals. The Resources section at the end of this chapter contains lists of transitional and felon-friendly housing providers, as well as contact information for emergency shelters. Before you are released from prison, you will need to have an approved release address. Some reentry groups in Washington provide housing assistance to people who are leaving prison; see the Resources section at the end of this chapter for some of these groups.

Note that your release plan may be denied if the DOC determines that it violates the conditions of your sentence or supervision, places you at risk to reoffend, or presents a risk to victim or community safety. It is possible that you will be homeless after you are released. If you think you may not have a place to stay after you are released, you should try to arrange for a bed in a shelter while you are still in prison. If possible, try to find a shelter that offers case management, rather than just a place to sleep.

These more comprehensive shelters often offer other programs that can help you find a job or get into more permanent housing. A list of shelters that provide wraparound or case management services is located in the Resources section at the end of this chapter.

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Note that most of these facilities are located in Seattle; if you are in another part of the state or you need more help, you can learn more by dialing When you are released into community custody, you will generally be returned to your county of origin. There are several exceptions to this general rule; and the DOC may decide to release you to a different county if:. If you feel that any of these exceptions apply to you, you may request to be released to an alternative county you must still develop a release plan for that county as discussed in Section 1.

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If your request is denied, you may appeal the decision in writing within five business days of receiving notice that your plan was denied. You will be notified about the outcome of your appeal within 15 business days.

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Depending on your conviction and the conditions of your release, there may be some restrictions on where you are allowed to live. While you are in community custody immediately after your release, you will be required to live at the address listed in your release plan and remain within prescribed geographical boundaries. There also may be some restrictions on where you are allowed to complete your community custody.

For instance, if you were convicted of a sexual offense against a minor, you will not be allowed to live near the home of any of those victims, or with a child of similar age and circumstances as a previous victim. DOC may also reject residences near schools, child care centers, playgrounds, and other places where there are likely to be children of similar age and circumstances as previous victims.

There may also be a court order barring you from living in a certain place for instance, if you were convicted of domestic violence, you may be barred from living with the person who brought charges against you. After your community custody is complete, your criminal record may create some barriers to your housing. Individuals who use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol are ineligible for federally assisted housing, as are people who were evicted from federally assisted housing for drug crimes in the past three years.

Private landlords may also have restrictions on who they accept, though their ability to discriminate is limited by the Fair Housing Act. Read on for more specific information about the Fair Housing Act and the types of rules landlords can make. The basic types of housing are emergency housing , transitional housing , and permanent housing. More information about how to find housing is provided later in this chapter. If you are homeless and need somewhere to sleep tonight, you can get help by calling on your phone.

Emergency housing is useful if you need to get a roof over your head tonight and cannot wait to find something more long-term. An emergency housing facility will generally provide you with basic necessities, such as a place to sleep, shower, or do laundry, but is not an apartment or home where you can expect to stay for more than a few nights. Emergency housing is usually free or low cost, and beds may be limited, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a spot.

Some shelters may also have additional restrictions — for instance, some shelters may be only for women, or only for families with children, and some may have rules about drugs and alcohol. Contact a specific shelter in your area to learn more about their rules; you can get started by looking at the list in the Resources section at the end of this chapter. Transitional housing is more long-term than emergency housing, but still time-limited, and generally lasts between several months to several years.

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Transitional housing is generally a supportive service and may be bundled with other resources to help you overcome issues such as trauma, drug or alcohol addiction, or mental health concerns. A transitional housing provider may also provide or help you access education or training, or help you transition into permanent housing.

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You will be expected to pay for your rent, but a transitional housing agency should be able to assist you with payments if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The federal government administers several programs that help low-income people secure safe and affordable permanent housing for their families. Here are a few programs that may be useful to you:. If you were convicted of a sex crime that requires you to register as a sex offender for life, you are not eligible for Section 8 housing. You are also not eligible if you were convicted of some drug crimes, like manufacturing meth.

You should contact your local Housing Authority to get a clear picture of what the eligibility requirements are.

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  • The government will then pay your landlord a portion of your rent. Unlike Section 8, if you live in public housing, your landlord is a housing authority or other government entity. Note that you may not be eligible for these programs if you use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol, or if you have been evicted from federally assisted housing for drug crimes in the past three years. Your local PHA will determine any additional eligibility criteria and other rules for these programs in your area. The best way to find out whether you are eligible for either Section 8 vouchers or public housing is to contact your local PHA.

    Note that there is a lot of competition for these programs, and many PHAs have waiting lists. If you are flexible on where you can live, you may wish to apply to multiple PHAs. Student Watershed Monitoring.

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