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Click here to access the Florida Voter Status website.

Inside the Decades-Long Republican Campaign to Suppress the Vote

You can check to see if your vote was recorded by clicking "Access Ballot and Precinct Information" after you enter your name and birth date. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop?

Vote Centers & In-person Voting

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Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Here's how to check if your vote counted in Florida.

An individual's voting history is public record

Updated: By: Scott Sutton. Getty Images. So, you may be wondering if your vote counted in the Nov. In some Florida counties, and based on how you voted, there are some ways to check. You will then see a link titled "Ballot and Precinct Information.

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    Search for My Voter Record If you are registered to vote, you can access the following by entering your full name and date of birth: View a list of elections you have voted in Check your current registration information Update your name and address Request an absentee ballot Find your elected officials Track your absentee ballot. You are not registered to vote We did not find any registered voter in the system that matches the information you entered. Register to Vote MyVote is unable to find the name and birthdate you entered.

    Multiple Records Found Multiple records were found that match the information you entered. Clear Search. Find your municipal clerk by searching for your name or address Find My Clerk.

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