Small block chevy id numbers

Small Block Chevrolet Codes

Some engine machining operations decking will obliterate the engine ID. Select the portion of the alphabet for your code.

In some cases suffix codes are reused twice or more over time, in this event check the partial VIN code or block casting date code and then see what year the block was made to pin down what application your block was originally used in. It represents any CID and is used to indicate this particular engine was replaced under Warranty. It is a direct replacement for the original equipment. It is usually found on the top of the head in between two valves and the rocker arm studs.

The information contained here is as complete and accurate as possible. Chevy Engine Suffix Codes. Chevy Engine Block Casting Codes.

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To see what the block was used for originally, look at the serial number pad for a two or three digit letter code--this changed from two to three in about or so, with a "C" put at the front to indicate Chevy. Bruce Lancaster , Aug 25, Pauls28 likes this.

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The engine assembly date is a "stamped in" code that is stamped into the metal as opposed to a "raised" casting. These date codes are can be found in a number of locations on the block, but most often are found on a ledge that is visible when the motor is assembled. This ledge is found on the passenger side of the block deck at the front. If your alternator is on the passenger side of the motor, the ledge on the block deck is right below it. You may have to move the alternator to be able to read this engine assembly code.


Some blocks have the engine assembly code on a flat portion of the block above the timing cover mating surface on the front of the block. Some very early smallblocks from the mid model years had an Engine Assembly Date which only included the last two digits of the year.

It might look something like "F56FG". On later model engines the engine assembly code looks similar to this "TTR".

In this case the first letter "T" stands for an engine factory Tonawanda. The next two digits stand for the month of the year, in this example "04" or the fourth month April.

Small Block Chevy Engine Codes

The "22" stands for the 22nd day of the month. So what do we have so far in this example? The motor was assembled at the Tonawanda factory on April 22nd. The years are not given. What we have left is the "suffix code" which in this example is "TR". Chevy used one to three letters of the alphabet to code the type of engine, transmission and vehicle into the suffix code.

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In later years, parts of the Vehicle Identification Number V. In that case you might see "TTR " stamped into the pad on the front passenger side of the block. Sometimes the engine V. Sometimes the stamping is found above the timing cover mating surface on the front of the block. Some of the Engine Suffix letter.