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Auditors also found 59 transactions which the FBI approved, but should have denied. Approximately, one percent of firearms transfers are denied and many times it because of mistaken identity or incorrect records at NICS. Therefore, many firearms transfer denial appeals are successful. Share Flipboard Email. Government U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U.

Charles Montaldo is a writer and former licensed private detective who worked with law enforcement and insurance firms investigating crime and fraud. This is the number one reason why requests for firearm transfers are denied.

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Feb In Favor Background checks are vital to ensuring that guns stay out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and the mentally ill. I support revising, strengthening, and reenacting current law. Gun ownership is a responsibility, and we need to make sure that guns don't end up in the hands of criminals.

Feb Against Under current law, anyone who holds a current Concealed Firearms Permit issued by the state of Nevada is not required to undergo a background if he purchases a firearm from a dealer with a Federal Firearms License. This change will impact literally tens of thousands of Nevada citizens, and it should be addressed before this bill is passed into law..

Feb Against This is a travesty. You are forcing law abiding citizens to pay in essence a tax to exercise their constitutional right, in an effort to control criminals. Who do not purchase firearms from private parties. They steal them. I look at this like a poll tax. It is unconstitutional. It is totally wrong.

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If you want private parties to do background checks make it percent free! Is in direct opposition to oath of office to uphold the Constitution Feb Against This is just to hurt legal gun owners. No one is ever punished when they lie on the background check forms when buying from a dealer. Straw purchases make this a useless law.

Lawmakers are ruining Nevada. Totally unenforcable. I guess that is what happens when the populations in Las Vegas and Clark county elect every Democrat in the State. Yes there is a North and a South in Nevada. This Bill is a waste the Murderer in the Las Vegas Shooting as I understood, according to the small amount of investigation findings purchased his firearms, he did not steal them like the recent illegal alien murderer of 4 Northern Nevadans, he did not borrow them from friends or family.

He purchased them which means he had to go through a background check at time of purchase in NV even before this so called SB Even with the large number of gun owning Nevadans being present during your last minute secret hearing, their voices were not heard. You State Democrats had your minds made up and holding a hearing was simply a formality. Surprisingly even the poll for or against this bill on the Reno News 4, was overwhelmingly against the implementation of more background checks to purchase a firearm. What a hoax! Rural Nevada don't stand a chance, just like in Oregon, Calif.

Ownership of Our water Rights will be the next on the list to go to Las Vegas.

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Idaho and Montana might have to be our new home. No matter where it is I will Never vote for a Democrat in my life time. This bill raises costs on legal gun owners. It creates traps that legal gun owners may fall into when legally transferring their guns to others. It will potentially incriminate decent law abiding citizens, while doing absolutely nothing to prevent a criminal from getting a gun.

A criminal is already a law breaker; why would he follow this law?

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Please do not pass this bill. The Constitution does not say that the government can tell someone that they cannot own a gun.

Please remember the good, factual points made by those who testified against the bill, too. Statistics show the majority of criminals get their guns via the black market or by stealing them. This is nothing more than a speed bump measure, everyone gets inconvenienced in order to slow down a few bad apples. How about some bills that target only the bad guys for a change?!

Thanks, Gary Feb Against It is only going to hurt law abiding citizens. It wont stop criminals from getting a gun Feb In Favor I support closing this loophole. I support having a process in place when transferring a weapon from one person to another. When a vehicle or a house is transferred, there is a process to go through. I see no reason that a weapon be any different.

Feb Against Please vote no it will infringe the right to bear arms s Feb Against I urge you to vote against this bill. It cannot affect lowering crime.

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Criminals by definition do not follow laws. Therefore, this bill will hinder purchases of guns by law abiding citizens by inconveniencing them with the additional time and expense of getting a background check. We are not a Socialist state and should not pass laws that will lead us to that form of government.

Feb Against Feel good legislation that will not do anything to help crime. Feb Against This is an infringement on constitutional rights, will cause legislated criminals, create an inconvenience for law abiding citizens, and cost money for the state and the public, that would be better spent elsewhere.

Feb Against This is the first step in gun confiscation. It infringes on my Second Amendment rights; and is therefore illegal. Feb Against Who is going to do the background check? Feb Against We already do background checks and this doesn't help at all. Bad and sick people will get guns anyway and if not available they will use other weapons like knives and other sharp objects, bombs, and even their vehicles.

All this does is make a gun purchase harder on innocent buyers. It is time for the anti-gun people to grow up! Innocent buyers will protect themselves, their family and friends, and maybe even you anti-gun people someday. Feb Against The committee mostly ignored the people opposing the bill and allowed those in favor more time to speak and more chances to speak than the other side.

With future bills please allow one for and one against until all members have spoken in all fairness and allow more than 20 hours before releasing bills contents as this bill was not the same as what the public voted on as stated. Feb Against stop infringing on law abiding citizens, these bills will have no weight with the criminal element, it will only affect the law abiding and are so poorly written as to potentially cause an otherwise law abiding person to be a criminal.

Feb Against The Democrats are taking the people's voice away. The previous bill wasn't written properly or people would not have voted on it. Criminals are still going to get guns. The state shouldn't override the FBI to do background checks. This is the first step to take our guns away. This bill will not stop a mass shooting from happening again. This is a betrayal against the American people and our Constitution. This bill is ineffective in reducing homicides or keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals: The University of California at Davis examined the first ten years after California developed universal background checks.

Their study found no net difference between firearm-related homicide rates before and during the 10 years after law implementation.

This is not a gun crime issue; it is a gun control issue! Feb In Favor I fully support this bill, have testified for it and know that the evidence shows that it will help save lives and help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, felons and people who are mentally unfit to have access to them. It has worked in other states and can work here. Feb Against Feb Against Feb Against The only persons to follow this garbage law if passed will be honest law abiding citizens.