Are teachers alowed to search your lockers at school

Our Turn: Do random locker searches invade privacy?

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Should teachers have the right to search students' lockers? Teachers should have to search a student's locker! Report Post. Like Reply.

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Maximum words. Posted by: reb Report Post. Like Reply Challenge. Posted by: hreid7 Report Post. Posted by: dinglepuss2 Report Post. They shouldn't be aloud its our personal space in our own locker They shouldn't be aloud because its our locker and they cant take our space what we have in our locker is ours they shouldn't be aloud to look in it its our important stuff so stay out of our lockers teachers our space is our own personal space so bam Report Post. Posted by: marzio5 Report Post. Posted by: Elsie. Load More Arguments.

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High School Students Should Not Be Granted Greater Privacy On School Property

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights also guarantees against "arbitrary interference" with privacy. Treating students as sub-adults can be a factor in increasing alienation and detachment from a school surrounding. If students don't feel they have a safe space at school, they have a lessened tendency to work hard, go to class, or even enter the building. Providing students with their own space, like a locker, serves as an anchor in the school setting.

Students trust teachers to carry out searches with objectivity as disinterested parties. However, there's no guarantee that a teacher might not use a search on a student's belongings as a way to carry out a grudge, since the standard for search is so low. Also, if search occurs in public, as they often do, and turns up embarrassing things such as contraceptives or medications, it can result in humiliation for the student.

Students are human beings protected under the law, as are adults--in fact; they are given extra rights in certain cases, such as when entering a contract agreement.

Or that you will only agree if they tell you what parts of the phone they will look through or let you or your parents watch the search. If you do say yes, you give the school the right to look through your phone, and possibly to use what they find can be used as evidence against you or others. Public schools cannot require you to waive your right to privacy in order to attend school.

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